Power Anytime, Anywhere

Tesla™ DC Cables

Standard sizes are listed below, but custom cables are available.
Cable lengths and gauges can be customized to suit your needs. Call for assistance.

DC Cables with Aviation Plug

DC Cable with Aviation

TI2007-208 8 ft. Aviation
TI2007-210 10 ft. Aviation
TI2007-215 15 ft. Aviation
TI2007-220 20 ft. Aviation
TI2007-225 25 ft. Aviation
TI2007-230 30 ft. Aviation
TI2007-235 35 ft. Aviation
TI2007-240 40 ft. Aviation

TI2007-415 15 ft. Aviation (2Ø)
NSN: 6150016420813
TI2007-232 30 ft. Aviation (2Ø)
NSN: 6130015991205

DC Cables with On/Off Aviation Plug

DC Cable with On/Off Aviation

TI2006-535 8 ft. On/Off Aviation
TI2006-540 10 ft. On/Off Aviation
TI2006-545 20 ft. On/Off Aviation
TI2006-550 25 ft. On/Off Aviation
TI2006-555 30 ft. On/Off Aviation

DC Cables with NATO Plug

DC Cable with NATO

TI2007-310 10 ft. NATO
TI2007-315 15 ft. NATO
TI2007-320 20 ft. NATO
TI2007-625 25 ft. NATO
TI2007-630 30 ft. NATO
TI2007-633 30 ft. NATO (3Ø)
TI2007-350 50 ft. NATO
TI2007-352 50 ft. NATO (2Ø)
TI2007-353 50 ft. NATO (3Ø)

DC Cables: Terminal End

DC Cable with Terminal End

TI2007-074 4 ft. 4AWG Terminal End
TI2006-608 8 ft. Terminal End
TI2006-610 10 ft. Terminal End
TI2006-615 15 ft. Terminal End
TI2006-620 20 ft. Terminal End
TI2006-625 25 ft. Terminal End
TI2006-630 30 ft. Terminal End

DC Cables: Bullet End

DC Cable with Bullet End

TI2006-501 8 ft. Bullet End
TI2006-510 10 ft. Bullet End
TI2006-520 20 ft. Bullet End
TI2006-525 25 ft. Bullet End
TI2006-530 30 ft. Bullet End

DC Cables: Heavy Duty Alligator Clamps

DC Cable with Alligator Clamps

TI2007-077 25 ft. 2Ø Cable with Alligator Clamps
TI2007-515 15 ft. 1Ø Cable with Alligator Clamps
TI2007-520 20 ft. 1Ø Cable with Alligator Clamps
TI2007-525 25 ft. 1Ø Cable with Alligator Clamps

DC Cables with Mini-NATO Plug

DC Cable with Mini-NATO Plug

TI2006-321 1Ø 15 ft. NATO
TI2006-062 1Ø 20 ft. NATO

TI2006-302 4AWG 15 ft. NATO
NSN: 6150015714566

DC Cables with Dual DC Receptacle Box

DC Cable with Dual DC Receptacle Box

TI2007-043 1Ø 4 ft. Dual DC Receptacle Box
TI2006-803 1Ø 12 ft. Dual DC Receptacle Box
TI2006-804 1Ø 26 ft. Dual DC Receptacle Box

Alternate NSN Codes:
TI2007-232 / NSN: 6130-01-599-1205
TI2007-415 / NSN: 6150-01-642-0813
TI2006-302 / NSN: 6150-01-571-4566