Power Anytime, Anywhere

Tesla™ Astrapi i Rack Mount Modules

The word Astrapi i was taken from the ancient Greek word astrapes (αστραπές) meaning "lightning." At Tesla™, we thought the reference to lightning was a fitting tribute to our inspiration, inventor Nikola Tesla.

Legend has it that Tesla was born the first seconds of July 10th, 1856 in the midst of a summer lightning storm.A midwife was heard to have said "He’ll be a child of the storm." His mother’s reply? "No, of light." And she was exactly right, because he grew up to be known to many as "The man who lit up the world."

And so, we dedicate our Astrapi i Rack Mount Series to the memory of Nikola Tesla. And with it, we continue the Tesla™ tradition of providing our customers with "Power Anytime, Anywhere."

Astrapi I Series