Power Anytime, Anywhere

Tesla™ Products

Versatile and reliable, Tesla™ Ground Power Units, Micro Power Units / Aviation Battery Systems, Connectors, Cable Assemblies, and Battery Chargers/Conditioners meet the needs of the Aviation Community, The Military, Medevac and EMS units, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and anyone else who needs Power Anytime, Anywhere.

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Ground Power Units (GPU)

Quick, safe, clean filtered power to operate, maintain, or start a vehicle or aircraft anytime, anywhere.

Aviation Batteries / Micro Power Units (MPU)

The Aviation Batteries are a complete battery system with an intelligent charging system and ac-dc converter.

Inverter Systems

A Power Inverter System is an advanced piece of equipment and an ideal method of converting 20-30 dc voltage to pure usable 120/240 ac voltage.

M777 Products

Tesla™ Generator Set Interface is a power distribution box that is man-portable, maintenance free, and can be operated from any three phase power source. The M777 products are designed to provide a power source to the M777 Howitzer in a remote location without its prime mover.

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies are easy to maneuver and operate units that are used for ground maintenance only.

Battery Chargers/Conditioners

Battery Charger/Conditioners are systems that will rapidly recharge any 12 or 24 volt battery.

Battery Assembly

Designed to replace the original emergency backup battery for the Pioneer UAV, as well as other UAVs.


Allows you to step down incoming 480 Vac to have the correct voltage input to meet your electrical needs.


Tesla's Cobra™ connectors are constructed from rugged combinations of advanced composite materials and corrosion resistant alloys. Designed to be fast "in-the-field" component replacement to make them the last connectors you will ever need.


We carry a unique and broad line of cables. Browse through our standard DC Cables to our vast assortment of Cable Assemblies. All our assemblies are manufactured in-house to assure quality. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities also allow us to create custom made-to-order cable assemblies specifically engineered to meet your specifications.

Astrapi i Rack Mount Modules

These Rack Mount Modules are expertly engineered as a single source of clean power for data centers and industrial control and communication equipment.

Digital Volt/Amp Meter

DVAM provides a high dc power measuring and ideal diagnostic solution.

GPU / MPU Accessories

A list of accessories to go with your Ground Power Unit or Micro Power Unit from AC Line Cords, Shipping Cases, Protective Covers, Tires, etc.