Power Anytime, Anywhere

Tesla™ M777 Power Kit

Tesla's M777 Power Kits derived from the need to power a M777 in a remote location without its Prime Mover. The unit needed a solution to safely and effectively, provide a power source to the M777, while at the same time improving the units fighing position and maneuverability.

TI2000-558 (M777 KIT-A) includes 1 each:

  • TI2000-440 AC Distribution Box
  • TI28000-654 Heavy Duty Reel
  • TI25000-089 100m Extension Cord
  • TI2007-088 M777 Pigtail Cable
  • TI2007-012 DC to NATO Cable

The M777 Power Kit can be configured to suit your power needs.

TI2000-440 Generator Set Interface / Power Distribution Box

TI2000-440 AC Distribution Box

TI3000 Ground Power Unit

TI3000 GPU-24-UNV

TI28000-654 Cable Reel

TI28000-654 Heavy Duty Cable Reel with TI25000-089 Cord

TI2007-012 DC to NATO Cable Assembly

TI2007-012: DC to NATO Receptacle Cable Assembly, 15'

TI2007-079 DC to Dual NATO Y-Cable Assembly

TI2007-079: DC to Dual NATO Receptacle, 23' Y-Cable Assembly

TI2007-088 M777 Pigtail Cable Assembly

TI2007-088: M777 Pigtail Cable Assembly