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M777 Tesla™ Power Kit

Tesla's Power Kit derived from the need to power a M777 in a remote location without its Prime Mover. The unit needed a solution to safely and effectively, provide a power source to the M777, while at the same time improving the units fighing position and maneuverability.

The M777 Power Kit can be tailored to suit your power needs.

TI2000-440 Generator Set Interface

TI2000-440 Generator Set Interface / Power Distribution Box

The Tesla™ Generator Set Interface is a power distribution box.

This unit is man-portable, maintenance free, and can be operated from any three phase power source.
Designed for military applications, it is easily transported. IP66 rating provides total dust ingress and protection from high pressure water jets from any direction.


  • Three 3Ø 208 Y 120 Outlets
  • Circuit Breakers with Output Power Status LED Indicators
  • Ingress Protect rating of IP66
  • 2-year warranty (3-years optional).

TI3000 GPU-24

TI3000 Ground Power Unit

The TI3000 is the workhorse of Tesla™ Turbo Start™ products. It easily wheels by hand through hangars and motor pools and provides 3000 amps of power - eliminating the need to slave start from other vehicles or use multiple personnel.

  • Ideal for hangars, FOBs, motor pools, and deployments.
  • Excellent for testing and troubleshooting (avionics, TMDE, electronics, and hydraulics).
  • One person can easily maneuver and operate the unit.
  • Will charge and condition vehicle batteries when unit is left connected to vehicle (ac power required).
  • GPU will back-charge off a vehicle charging system (no ac required)..

TI28000-654 Heavy Duty Cable Reel with TI25000-089 Cord

TI28000-654 Cable Reel

The Tesla™ Reel is designed for rugged heavy duty uses requiring long lengths of line cords and large storage capacity. The full flow swivel and heavy gauge frame gives maximum strength and consistent quality. This package includes a 328 Ft. (100 meter) AC Extension Cord. The 8/3 Cable has NEMA L6-20P to NEMA L6-20R. *Custom Cord Sizes are available.

  • Rugged reinforced steel
  • Adjustable Reel Drag, also locks in place
  • Four 1/2" diameter Mounting holes to mount securely
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • Weight with pictured cable: 165 lbs. (84.84 kg)

TI2007-012: DC to NATO Receptacle Cable Assembly, 15'


The Tesla™ NATO DC Receptacle includes a durable cap tethered with a corrosion resistant lanyard. The cap, along with the cap seal at the base of the receptacle, protect the receptacle from rain, snow, sand and other harmful debris. NOTE: Picture shows alternative tan color.

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Rated to 3000 peak amps
  • 15 ft. 1Ø cable assembly
  • UV, fuel, fungus, and oil resistant
  • Easy component replacement
  • Manufactured by Tesla™
  • 2 Year Warranty

Optional Accessories

TI2007-079: DC to Dual NATO Receptacle, 23' Y-Cable Assembly


Y-Cable Assembly has an DC Connector with a 3ft. 4Ø cable to a sealed connection box branching out to Dual NATO Receptacles with 20 ft. 1Ø cables. NOTE: Picture shows alternative tan color.

  • 23 ft. cable assembly
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Up to 3000 peak amps
  • UV, fuel, fungus, water, and oil resistant
  • Easy component replacement
  • Manufactured by Tesla™
  • 2 Year Warranty

TI2007-088: M777 Pigtail Cable Assembly


Ideal cable to attach to generator to our TI2000-440 Power Distribution Box. (5, Wire Size: 8 AWG, Jacket Type: SOOW)

  • 25 ft. cable assembly
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Up to 600 max voltage
  • UV, fuel, fungus, moisture, abrasion and oil resistant
  • Manufactured by Tesla™
  • 2 Year Warranty