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Ordering Options for DC Battery Connector and Receptacle

Example of Not Fitting

Each keyed DC Receptacle is compatible with the matching keyed DC Battery Connector. As an example the Key A TI2005-410 DC Battery Connector WILL NOT mate with the Key B TI2004-020 DC Battery Receptacle. They must be the same Key to fit properly; This is a safety measure. Picture shows a sample of what NOT to do. Key A is compatible with the Military standard MS3509.

DC Battery Connector

DC Battery Receptacle

Key A
Key A TI2005-410
Key A
Key A TI2005-379 / NSN: 5935-01-594-9348
Key A uses the Military standard MS3509 and comes standard with all Tesla™ 28 Vdc Ground Power Units and (MPU) Aircraft Battery Systems.
Key B
Key B TI2004-021
Key B
Key B TI2004-020
Key B is the standard for all Tesla 12 Vdc on Ground Power Units.
Key C
Key C TI2004-108
Key C
Key C TI2004-109