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TI2005-852 Cobra™ NATO DC Receptacle

15° Wall Mount Assembly


The TI2005-852 is designed to fit an 1½” conduit, and mount easily to a wall. A custom adapter is available to fit any conduit up to an 1½”.

The Tesla™ NATO DC Receptacle comes with a protective cap. When properly secured, it provides protection from rain, snow, sand and other damaging debris. Also included is a corrosion resistant lanyard that prevents loss or damage to the
cap when not in use.

  • Rated to 3000 peak amps
  • UV, fuel, fungus, and oil resistant
  • Manufactured by Tesla™
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810
  • Tested to withstand 50 G of force
  • Easily mounts to a wall
  • 2 Year Warrranty

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