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  • Perfect for testing and troubleshooting (avionics, TMDE, and electronics).
  • Safe, easy, maintenance-free operation.
  • 0.999% power factor.
  • <2% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).
  • Thermal/Overload protection.
  • Built-in Power Output Indicator.
  • Will charge and condition batteries when unit is left connected to vehicle or aircraft (ac power required).
  • One person can operate and maneuver the unit.
  • NOTE: Unit is not rated for engine starting. It is to be used for ground maintenance only.

TI100-PFC Specifications

DC Output: 100 amps continuous @ 28.5 Vdc (when plugged into ac power)
AC Input: Operates from Single Phase 200-260 Vac / 40 Hz - 450 Hz
16.5 Amps @ 208 Vac - 3432 Watts
Contact Tesla™ Industries for plug configuration
Dimensions: 27.61" L x 5.2" W x 10.56" H
701.3 mm x 132.08 mm x 268.25 mm
Weight: 29.5 lbs (13.4 kg)
Warranty: 2 Years (3 Year Optional)


  • TI2007-208 8ft. DC Aviation Cable Assembly OR
  • TI2007-315 15ft. DC NATO Cable Assembly OR
  • TI2007-515 15ft. DC Cable with Alligator Clamps (for maintenance & troubleshooting only
  • TI25000-078 (L6-20P) 25ft. Hardwired Single Phase Plug AC Line Cord

Tesla™ DC Power Supply

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