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TI10C Hybrid GPU

TTI10C Hybrid GPU

The Tesla™ TI10C Hybrid Ground Power Unit is the perfect combination of ultra-high current output and power generation. The TI10C incorporates a 10 horsepower engine and 6000 watt generator with a Tesla™ custom GPU. The result is a hybrid that will handle all of your power needs including 12, 24, and 48 Vdc and 110-240 Vac Single Phase. Water-tight gaskets and extensive weatherproofing (sand separator, exhaust fans, etc.) allow the TI10C Hybrid to withstand the harshest battlefield conditions and other extreme environments. With state-of-the-art electronic control and monitoring circuitry, the TI10C Hybrid provides safe and efficient power transfer of up to 6000 peak amps and 150 continuous amps of dc regulated power, and 2 kw of ac power -- or 20 amps at 240 Vac. The right choice if you are looking for a lighter, more compact hybrid.

TI10C Hybrid GPU Provides:

  • 10 horsepower, air-cooled, OHV engine
  • 6000 watt generator
  • Safe and efficient power transfer of up to 6000 peak amps and 150 continuous amps
  • Heavy duty, tubular stainless steel frame
  • Isolated motor mounts to minimize noise and vibration
  • Three GFCI protected 120 Vac duplex outlets
  • One 240 Vac twist lock outlet, one 120/240 outlet, two 120 Vac accessory outlets
  • One 12 V Utility outlet
  • Electric engine starter with dual 12 V / 10 Ah battery
  • Easy maintenance with NSN stocked fuel, oil and air filters
  • Ideal for hangars, FOBs, flight lines, motor pools, and deployments
  • Tesla™ GPU provides 48 Vdc @ 75 amps or 28 Vdc @ 150 amps
  • Continuous ac output power: 5,000 watts
  • 2 kW Inverter
  • Weight (with fluids, without tow cart): 702 lbs (318.42 kg)
  • 2-year warranty (3 years optional)

Easy Start Engine ControlEasy Start Engine Control

Simply push the Compression Release buttong and turn the starter clockwise is all you need to start generating 5 kW of continuous power. LEDs on the right side of the starter will indicated engine status. Also included on the Engine Control Panel is an Oil Pump Prime Switch and Engine Hours Meter

Selectable AC PowerSelectable AC Power

Flip the Main Circuit Breaker to "ON" and select your power. Set the Output Selector Switch to "GPU Power" and energize the forward loaded GPU for up to 150 amps of continuous current at 28.5 Vdc. In addition, a 120 Vac 1 amp ac outlet is available for accessories (laptops, test equipment, etc.). Alternatively, set the Output Selector Switch to ac outlet power, and both 120 Vac and 240 Vac are available through four standard outlet receptacles.

Selectable DC PowerSelectable DC Power

Besides having selectable ac voltage on the back panel, the TI10C can be used to series-parallel start aircraft. Due to independent, isolated dc output receptacles, the GPU can provide both 28.6 Vdc and 48.2 Vdc in virtually any configuration.

Power MonitoringPower Monitoring

The TI10C Hybrid is equipped with power monitoring for both ac and dc outputs. The generator voltage and current are displayed in an easy to read analog format. The dual current meters display both legs of the ac generator with multi-color bar graphs, while the ac volt meter reads rms voltage up to 300 V. On the side of the unit, two backlit LCD displays register the output dc voltage and current up to 2000 A.

Ease of MaintenanceEase of Maintenance

Featuring multiple access points to the engine compartment, the layout of the TI10C allows the user to quickly and efficiently check all the major service items. All the access compartments are secured with butterfly fasteners— no special tools required. All of the serviceable components have been chosen directly from NSN stocked parts. The fuel and oil filters can be ordered with NSN # 2910-01-376-5666 and 2940-01-154-5127 respectively, and the Air Filter with NSN # 2940-01-235-3676.

Sine Wave InverterSine Wave Inverter

The Inverter Display Panel, located in the storage compartment, provides information about the DC input voltage and current levels as well as the amount of ac power going out. One 60 Hz 120 Vac power outlet is located in the storage compartment providing 120 Vac 16.66 amps max. The other 60 Hz 120 Vac power outlet is located on the far right hand side of the rear control panel.


  • 30 ft.120/240 30 Amp twist lock, single phase cord
  • 16 ft. DC Aviation Cable Assembly, 2/Ø OR
    15 ft. DC NATO Cable Assembly

Electrical Specifications:


  • 28.6 Vdc @ 150 A continuous (6000 A surge @ 15 s)
  • 48.2 Vdc @ 75 A continuous (3000 A surge @ 15 s)
  • 26 Vdc @ 250 A intermittent for 1 hr (60% duty cycle)
  • 24 Vdc @ 96 A for 1 hr non-engine silent operation
  • 12 Vdc regulated / isolated @ 10 A continuous


  • Continuous ac output power: 4,950 watts
  • Peak ac output power: 6,000 watts
  • AC voltage output: 240 Vac @ 20 A, 120 Vac @ 40 A, 120 Vac @ 1 A

TI10C Hybrid GPU Accessories

Tow Cart TI2000-156
Tow Cart
Hybrid Gas Tank Hybrid 10C
Gas Tank

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